OpenVDB  10.0.1
TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >, including all inherited members.

accessor() const TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >inline
CoordT typedefTricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >protected
mAccTricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >protected
sample(const Vec3T< RealT > &uvw, const ValueT(&c)[64])TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >inlinestatic
sample(const Vec3T< RealT > &xyz, const ValueT(&C)[64])TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >
stencil(const CoordT &ijk, ValueT(&c)[64]) const TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >inline
TricubicSampler(const TreeOrAccT &acc)TricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >inline
ValueT typedefTricubicSampler< TreeOrAccT >protected