OpenVDB  6.0.0
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SparseToDenseCompositor< CompositeMethod, _TreeT > Class Template Reference

#include <DenseSparseTools.h>

Public Types

typedef _TreeT TreeT
typedef TreeT::ValueType ValueT
typedef TreeT::LeafNodeType LeafT
typedef TreeT::template ValueConverter< ValueMask >::Type MaskTreeT
typedef MaskTreeT::LeafNodeType MaskLeafT
typedef Dense< ValueT, openvdb::tools::LayoutZYX > DenseT
typedef openvdb::math::Coord::ValueType Index
typedef tbb::blocked_range3d< Index, Index, IndexRange3d

Public Member Functions

 SparseToDenseCompositor (DenseT &dense, const TreeT &source, const TreeT &alpha, const ValueT beta, const ValueT strength)
 SparseToDenseCompositor (const SparseToDenseCompositor &other)
void sparseComposite (bool threaded)
void operator() (const MaskLeafT &maskLeaf, size_t) const
void denseComposite (bool threaded)
void operator() (const Range3d &range) const

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename LeafT1 , typename LeafT2 >
static void compositeFromLeaf (DenseT &dense, const openvdb::math::CoordBBox &bbox, const LeafT1 &source, const LeafT2 &alpha, const ValueT beta, const ValueT strength)
static void compositeFromTile (DenseT &dense, openvdb::math::CoordBBox &bbox, const ValueT &sourceValue, const ValueT &alphaValue, const ValueT &beta, const ValueT &strength, bool threaded)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Dense<ValueT, openvdb::tools::LayoutZYX> DenseT
typedef openvdb::math::Coord::ValueType Index
typedef TreeT::LeafNodeType LeafT
typedef MaskTreeT::LeafNodeType MaskLeafT
typedef TreeT::template ValueConverter<ValueMask>::Type MaskTreeT
typedef tbb::blocked_range3d<Index, Index, Index> Range3d
typedef _TreeT TreeT
typedef TreeT::ValueType ValueT

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SparseToDenseCompositor ( DenseT dense,
const TreeT source,
const TreeT alpha,
const ValueT  beta,
const ValueT  strength 
SparseToDenseCompositor ( const SparseToDenseCompositor< CompositeMethod, _TreeT > &  other)

Member Function Documentation

static void compositeFromLeaf ( DenseT dense,
const openvdb::math::CoordBBox &  bbox,
const LeafT1 &  source,
const LeafT2 &  alpha,
const ValueT  beta,
const ValueT  strength 
static void compositeFromTile ( DenseT dense,
openvdb::math::CoordBBox &  bbox,
const ValueT sourceValue,
const ValueT alphaValue,
const ValueT beta,
const ValueT strength,
bool  threaded 
void denseComposite ( bool  threaded)
void operator() ( const MaskLeafT maskLeaf,
) const
void operator() ( const Range3d range) const
void sparseComposite ( bool  threaded)

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