Core library

This release has been tested only on RedHat Linux and Mac OS X 10.10. See the enclosed INSTALL file for details on requirements.

OpenVDB 4.0.0 Library zip - Nov 15 2016


The openvdb_dev repository on GitHub hosts development versions of OpenVDB with the latest features and bug fixes. These versions have not been extensively tested and are generally less stable than the production releases that we will continue to deliver on this page.

Older production releases are also available from the repository.

Houdini toolkit

Many, but not all, of the tools in this distribution are included in recent versions of Houdini. Source code is provided here primarily for educational purposes. Houdini version 15.0 or later is required.

OpenVDB 4.0.0 Houdini zip - Nov 15 2016

This Houdini hip file demonstrates most of the nodes in the toolkit and illustrates fundamental concepts such as OpenVDB tree structures, tiles and voxels, narrow-band level sets and fog volumes. More importantly, it presents recommended workflows for common tasks like particle surfacing, polygon conversion, fracturing, filtering, resampling, etc.

Houdini Examples zip - Aug 8 2016

OpenVDB Points project

The OpenVDB Points project, developed at Double Negative in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, extends the OpenVDB data structure and file format with the ability to efficiently store point attribute data. Point positions and associated attributes are spatially segmented and stored in a custom grid, allowing for fast random access. Quantization of attribute data is also natively supported.

Visit the OpenVDB Points GitHub repository for more details.

Maya toolkit

This preliminary distribution comprises a small number of Maya nodes, primarily for conversion of geometry to and from OpenVDB volumes and for visualization of volumes. More nodes will be added in future releases.

These nodes have been tested only with Maya 2014.

OpenVDB 4.0.0 Maya zip - Nov 15 2016

Maya Examples zip - Aug 8 2016

Sample models

These binary OpenVDB files contain volumetric representations of familiar computer graphics models. They can be viewed with the Houdini tools or with the vdb_view tool included in the OpenVDB library distribution. The original polygonal meshes for several of these models are available from NASA 3D Resources and the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository.


Voxel resolution
1276 x 1519 x 116

File size 34 MB


Voxel resolution
541 x 1309 x 541

File size 27 MB


Voxel resolution
628 x 621 x 489

File size 11 MB


Voxel resolution
577 x 572 x 438

File size 74 MB


Voxel resolution
2619 x 511 x 2149

File size 64 MB


Voxel resolution
225 x 225 x 225

File size 1 MB


Voxel resolution
2023 x 911 x 1347

File size 45 MB


Voxel resolution
1481 x 2609 x 1843

File size 128 MB


Voxel resolution
201 x 272 x 230

File size 72 MB


Voxel resolution
161 x 364 x 153

File size 23 MB


Voxel resolution
143 x 149 x 165

File size 1 MB


Voxel resolution
4561 x 617 x 2999

File size 34 MB


Voxel resolution
111 x 222 x 112

File size 2 MB


Voxel resolution
191 x 610 x 178

File size 28 MB


Voxel resolution
32844 x 24702 x 9156

File size 242 MB


Voxel resolution
125 x 125 x 125

File size 1 MB


Voxel resolution
299 x 299 x 103

File size 4 MB


Voxel resolution
1090 x 1119 x 577

File size 17 MB


Voxel resolution
981 x 463 x 617

File size 12 MB


Voxel resolution
336 x 1150 x 338

File size 20 MB