OpenVDB  11.0.0
Vec2< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vec2< T >, including all inherited members.

add(const Vec2< T0 > &v1, const Vec2< T1 > &v2)Vec2< T >inline
asPointer()Vec2< T >inline
asPointer() const Vec2< T >inline
asV()Tuple< 2, T >inline
asV() constTuple< 2, T >inline
component(const Vec2< T > &onto, T eps=static_cast< T >(1.0e-8)) const Vec2< T >inline
div(T0 scalar, const Vec2< T1 > &v)Vec2< T >inline
dot(const Vec2< T > &v) const Vec2< T >inline
eq(const Vec2< T > &v, T eps=static_cast< T >(1.0e-7)) const Vec2< T >inline
exp()Vec2< T >inline
getArbPerpendicular() const Vec2< T >inline
init(T x=0, T y=0)Vec2< T >inline
isFinite() constTuple< 2, T >inline
isInfinite() constTuple< 2, T >inline
isNan() constTuple< 2, T >inline
isZero() constTuple< 2, T >inline
length() const Vec2< T >inline
lengthSqr() const Vec2< T >inline
log()Vec2< T >inline
mmTuple< 2, T >protected
normalize(T eps=static_cast< T >(1.0e-8))Vec2< T >inline
numColumns()Vec2< T >inlinestatic
numElements()Vec2< T >inlinestatic
numRows()Vec2< T >inlinestatic
ones()Vec2< T >inlinestatic
operator!=(const Vec2< T > &v) const Vec2< T >inline
operator()(int i)Vec2< T >inline
operator()(int i) const Vec2< T >inline
operator*=(S scalar)Vec2< T >inline
operator*=(const Vec2< S > &v1)Vec2< T >inline
operator+=(S scalar)Vec2< T >inline
operator+=(const Vec2< S > &v1)Vec2< T >inline
operator-() const Vec2< T >inline
operator-=(S scalar)Vec2< T >inline
operator-=(const Vec2< S > &v1)Vec2< T >inline
operator/=(S scalar)Vec2< T >inline
operator/=(const Vec2< S > &v1)Vec2< T >inline
operator=(const Vec2< Source > &v)Vec2< T >inline
operator==(const Vec2< T > &v) const Vec2< T >inline
operator[](IdxT i) constTuple< 2, T >inline
operator[](IdxT i)Tuple< 2, T >inline
operator[](int i) constTuple< 2, T >inline
operator[](int i)Tuple< 2, T >inline
product() const Vec2< T >inline
projection(const Vec2< T > &onto, T eps=static_cast< T >(1.0e-8)) const Vec2< T >inline
read(std::istream &is)Tuple< 2, T >inline
scale(T0 scalar, const Vec2< T1 > &v)Vec2< T >inline
setZero()Vec2< T >inline
sizeTuple< 2, T >static
str() constTuple< 2, T >inline
sub(const Vec2< T0 > &v1, const Vec2< T1 > &v2)Vec2< T >inline
sum() const Vec2< T >inline
toV(S *v) constTuple< 2, T >inline
Tuple()=defaultTuple< 2, T >
Tuple(Tuple< src_size, src_valtype > const &src)Tuple< 2, T >inlineexplicit
unit(T eps=0) const Vec2< T >inline
unit(T eps, T &len) const Vec2< T >inline
unitSafe() const Vec2< T >inline
value_type typedefVec2< T >
ValueType typedefVec2< T >
Vec2()=defaultVec2< T >
Vec2(T val)Vec2< T >inlineexplicit
Vec2(T x, T y)Vec2< T >inline
Vec2(Source *a)Vec2< T >inline
Vec2(const Tuple< 2, Source > &t)Vec2< T >inlineexplicit
Vec2(Other val, typename std::enable_if< std::is_arithmetic< Other >::value, Conversion >::type=Conversion{})Vec2< T >inlineexplicit
write(std::ostream &os) constTuple< 2, T >inline
x()Vec2< T >inline
x() const Vec2< T >inline
y()Vec2< T >inline
y() const Vec2< T >inline
zero()Vec2< T >inlinestatic