OpenVDB  6.1.0
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 CCanConvertTypeCanConvertType<FromType, ToType>::value is true if a value of type ToType can be constructed from a value of type FromType
 CCanConvertType< math::Vec2< T >, math::Vec2< T > >
 CCanConvertType< math::Vec3< T >, math::Vec3< T > >
 CCanConvertType< math::Vec4< T >, math::Vec4< T > >
 CCanConvertType< PointDataIndex32, PointIndex32 >
 CCanConvertType< PointIndex32, PointDataIndex32 >
 CCanConvertType< T, math::Vec2< T > >
 CCanConvertType< T, math::Vec3< T > >
 CCanConvertType< T, math::Vec4< T > >
 CCanConvertType< T, ValueMask >
 CCanConvertType< T0, math::Vec2< T1 > >
 CCanConvertType< T0, math::Vec3< T1 > >
 CCanConvertType< T0, math::Vec4< T1 > >
 CCanConvertType< ValueMask, T >
 CCombineArgsThis struct collects both input and output arguments to "grid combiner" functors used with the tree::TypedGrid::combineExtended() and combine2Extended() methods. AValueType and BValueType are the value types of the two grids being combined
 CCopyConstnessCopyConstness<T1, T2>::Type is either const T2 or T2 with no const qualifier, depending on whether T1 is const
 CGridContainer class that associates a tree with a transform and metadata
 CGridBaseAbstract base class for typed grids
 CGridNamePredPredicate functor that returns true for grids that have a specified name
 CHasMultiPassIOMetafunction that specifies whether a given leaf node, tree, or grid type requires multiple passes to read and write voxel data
 CHasMultiPassIO< Grid< TreeType > >
 CHasMultiPassIO< tree::Tree< RootNodeType > >
 CIsSpecializationOfHelper metafunction used to determine if the first template parameter is a specialization of the class template given in the second template parameter
 CIsSpecializationOf< Template< Args... >, Template >
 CMatTraits< T, false >
 CMetadataBase class for storing metadata information in a grid
 CMetaMapContainer that maps names (strings) to values of arbitrary types
 CPartialCreateTag dispatch class that distinguishes constructors during file input
 CPointIndexInteger wrapper, required to distinguish PointIndexGrid and PointDataGrid from Int32Grid and Int64Grid
 CQuatTraits< T, false >
 CShallowCopyTag dispatch class that distinguishes shallow copy constructors from deep copy constructors
 CTopologyCopyTag dispatch class that distinguishes topology copy constructors from deep copy constructors
 CTreeAdapterThis adapter allows code that is templated on a Tree type to accept either a Tree type or a Grid type
 CTreeAdapter< Grid< _TreeType > >Partial specialization for Grid types
 CTreeAdapter< tree::ValueAccessor< _TreeType > >Partial specialization for ValueAccessor types
 CTypedMetadataTemplated metadata class to hold specific types
 CTypeListA list of types (not necessarily unique)
 CUnknownMetadataSubclass to hold raw data of an unregistered type
 CValueTraits< T, false >
 CVecTraits< T, false >
 Chash< openvdb::math::Coord >
 CFilterTypeSelectively extract and filter point data using a custom filter operator
 CMeshDataAdapterConvert polygonal meshes that consist of quads and/or triangles into signed or unsigned distance field volumes
 CParticleArrayPartition particles and performs range and nearest-neighbor searches
 CPointArrayPartitions points into BucketLog2Dim aligned buckets using a parallel radix-based sorting algorithm