OpenVDB is released under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0, which is a free, open source, and detailed software license developed and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. For more information about this license, see the Mozilla FAQ.

The trademarks of any contributor to this project may not be used in association with the project without the contributor's express permission.

Contributor License Agreement

Developers who wish to contribute code to be considered for inclusion in the OpenVDB distribution must first be authorized under a signed Contributor License Agreement. The signature and authorization process is managed via the Linux Foundation's EasyCLA system, to handle the different CLAs depending on whether you are contributing on your own behalf or on behalf of your employer. The EasyCLA process will begin the first time you submit a PR to the project.

DCO sign-offs

All code should adhere to the OpenVDB coding standards, and every commit must be signed off. That is, every commit log message must include a “Signed-off-by” line (generated, for example, with “git commit --signoff”), indicating that the contributor has the right to release it under the MPL 2.0 license. See for more information on this requirement.