OpenVDB  11.0.0
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CopyToDense< _TreeT, _DenseT > Class Template Reference

Copy an OpenVDB tree into an existing dense grid. More...

#include <openvdb/tools/Dense.h>

Public Types

using DenseT = _DenseT
using TreeT = _TreeT
using ValueT = typename TreeT::ValueType

Public Member Functions

 CopyToDense (const TreeT &tree, DenseT &dense)
void copy (bool serial=false) const
void operator() (const CoordBBox &bbox) const
 Public method called by tbb::parallel_for. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename _TreeT, typename _DenseT = Dense<typename _TreeT::ValueType>>
class openvdb::v11_0::tools::CopyToDense< _TreeT, _DenseT >

Copy an OpenVDB tree into an existing dense grid.

Only voxels that intersect the dense grid's bounding box are copied from the OpenVDB tree. But both active and inactive voxels are copied, so all existing values in the dense grid are overwritten, regardless of the OpenVDB tree's topology.

Member Typedef Documentation

using DenseT = _DenseT
using TreeT = _TreeT
using ValueT = typename TreeT::ValueType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CopyToDense ( const TreeT tree,
DenseT dense 

Member Function Documentation

void copy ( bool  serial = false) const
void operator() ( const CoordBBox &  bbox) const

Public method called by tbb::parallel_for.