OpenVDB  11.0.0
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OrthographicCamera Class Reference

#include <openvdb/tools/RayTracer.h>

Inherits BaseCamera.

Public Member Functions

 OrthographicCamera (Film &film, const Vec3R &rotation=Vec3R(0.0), const Vec3R &translation=Vec3R(0.0), double frameWidth=1.0, double nearPlane=1e-3, double farPlane=std::numeric_limits< double >::max())
 Constructor. More...
 ~OrthographicCamera () override=default
math::Ray< double > getRay (size_t i, size_t j, double iOffset=0.5, double jOffset=0.5) const override
 Return a Ray in world space given the pixel indices and optional offsets in the range [0, 1]. An offset of 0.5 corresponds to the center of the pixel. More...
Film::RGBApixel (size_t i, size_t j)
size_t width () const
size_t height () const
void lookAt (const Vec3R &xyz, const Vec3R &up=Vec3R(0.0, 1.0, 0.0))
Vec3R rasterToScreen (double i, double j, double z) const

Protected Member Functions

void initRay (double t0, double t1)

Protected Attributes

double mScaleWidth
double mScaleHeight
math::Ray< double > mRay
math::AffineMap mScreenToWorld

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OrthographicCamera ( Film film,
const Vec3R rotation = Vec3R(0.0),
const Vec3R translation = Vec3R(0.0),
double  frameWidth = 1.0,
double  nearPlane = 1e-3,
double  farPlane = std::numeric_limits<double>::max() 


filmfilm (i.e. image) defining the pixel resolution
rotationrotation in degrees of the camera in world space (applied in x, y, z order)
translationtranslation of the camera in world-space units, applied after rotation
frameWidthwidth in of the frame in world-space units
nearPlanedepth of the near clipping plane in world-space units
farPlanedepth of the far clipping plane in world-space units

If no rotation or translation is provided, the camera is placed at (0,0,0) in world space and points in the direction of the negative z axis.

~OrthographicCamera ( )

Member Function Documentation

math::Ray<double> getRay ( size_t  i,
size_t  j,
double  iOffset = 0.5,
double  jOffset = 0.5 
) const

Return a Ray in world space given the pixel indices and optional offsets in the range [0, 1]. An offset of 0.5 corresponds to the center of the pixel.

Implements BaseCamera.

size_t height ( ) const
void initRay ( double  t0,
double  t1 
void lookAt ( const Vec3R xyz,
const Vec3R up = Vec3R(0.0, 1.0, 0.0) 

Rotate the camera so its negative z-axis points at xyz and its y axis is in the plane of the xyz and up vectors. In other words the camera will look at xyz and use up as the horizontal direction.

Film::RGBA& pixel ( size_t  i,
size_t  j 
Vec3R rasterToScreen ( double  i,
double  j,
double  z 
) const
size_t width ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

Film* mFilm
math::Ray<double> mRay
double mScaleHeight
double mScaleWidth
math::AffineMap mScreenToWorld