OpenVDB  11.0.0
tree Directory Reference


file  InternalNode.h [code]
 Internal table nodes for OpenVDB trees.
file  Iterator.h [code]
file  LeafBuffer.h [code]
file  LeafManager.h [code]
 A LeafManager manages a linear array of pointers to a given tree's leaf nodes, as well as optional auxiliary buffers (one or more per leaf) that can be swapped with the leaf nodes' voxel data buffers.
file  LeafNode.h [code]
file  LeafNodeBool.h [code]
file  LeafNodeMask.h [code]
file  NodeManager.h [code]
 NodeManager produces linear arrays of all tree nodes allowing for efficient threading and bottom-up processing.
file  NodeUnion.h [code]
file  RootNode.h [code]
 The root node of an OpenVDB tree.
file  Tree.h [code]
file  TreeIterator.h [code]
file  ValueAccessor.h [code]
 ValueAccessors are designed to help accelerate accesses into the OpenVDB Tree structures by storing caches to Tree branches. When traversing a grid in a spatially coherent pattern (e.g., iterating over neighboring voxels), the same branches and nodes of the underlying tree can be hit. If you do this using the Tree/RootNode methods directly, traversal will occur at O(log(n)) (or O(n) depending on the hash map implementation) for every access. However, using a ValueAccessor allows for the Accessor to cache previously visited Nodes, providing possible subsequent access speeds of O(1) if the next access is close to a previously cached Node. Accessors are lightweight and can be configured to cache any number of arbitrary Tree levels.