OpenVDB  10.0.1
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Stencils.h File Reference
#include "../NanoVDB.h"

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class  BaseStencil< DerivedType, SIZE, GridT >
struct  BaseStencil< DerivedType, SIZE, GridT >::Mask
class  BoxStencil< GridT >
class  GradStencil< GridT >
class  WenoStencil< GridT, RealT >
 This is a special 19-point stencil that supports optimal fifth-order WENO upwinding, second-order central differencing, Laplacian, and zero-crossing test. More...
class  CurvatureStencil< GridT, RealT >




template<typename ValueType , typename RealT = ValueType>
ValueType WENO5 (const ValueType &v1, const ValueType &v2, const ValueType &v3, const ValueType &v4, const ValueType &v5, RealT scale2=1.0)
 Implementation of nominally fifth-order finite-difference WENO. More...
template<typename RealT >
RealT GodunovsNormSqrd (bool isOutside, RealT dP_xm, RealT dP_xp, RealT dP_ym, RealT dP_yp, RealT dP_zm, RealT dP_zp)
template<typename RealT >
RealT GodunovsNormSqrd (bool isOutside, const Vec3< RealT > &gradient_m, const Vec3< RealT > &gradient_p)