OpenVDB  10.0.1
util Directory Reference


file  CSampleFromVoxels.h [code]
file  CudaDeviceBuffer.h [code]
 Implements a simple CUDA allocator!
file  DitherLUT.h [code]
 Defines look up table to do dithering of 8^3 leaf nodes.
file  ForEach.h [code]
 A unified wrapper for tbb::parallel_for and a naive std::thread fallback.
file  GridBuilder.h [code]
 Generates a NanoVDB grid from any volume or function.
file  GridChecksum.h [code]
 Computes a pair of 32bit checksums, og a Grid, by means of Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
file  GridHandle.h [code]
 Defines two classes, a GridRegister the defines the value type (e.g. Double, Float etc) of a NanoVDB grid, and a GridHandle and manages the memory of a NanoVDB grid.
file  GridStats.h [code]
 Re-computes min/max/avg/var/bbox information for each node in a pre-existing NanoVDB grid.
file  GridValidator.h [code]
 Checks the validity of an existing NanoVDB grid.
file  HDDA.h [code]
 Hierarchical Digital Differential Analyzers specialized for VDB.
file  HostBuffer.h [code]
 HostBuffer - a buffer that contains a shared or private bump pool to either externally or internally managed host memory.
file  IndexGridBuilder.h [code]
 Generates a NanoVDB IndexGrid from any existing NanoVDB grid.
file  Invoke.h [code]
 A unified wrapper for tbb::parallel_invoke and a naive std::thread analog.
file  IO.h [code]
 Implements I/O for NanoVDB grids. Features optional BLOSC and ZIP file compression, support for multiple grids per file as well as multiple grid types.
file  NanoToOpenVDB.h [code]
 This class will deserialize an NanoVDB grid into an OpenVDB grid.
file  NodeManager.h [code]
file  OpenToNanoVDB.h [code]
 This class will serialize an OpenVDB grid into a NanoVDB grid.
file  Primitives.h [code]
 Generates volumetric primitives, e.g. sphere, torus etc, as NanoVDB grid.
file  Range.h [code]
 Custom Range class that is compatible with the tbb::blocked_range classes.
file  Ray.h [code]
file  Reduce.h [code]
 A unified wrapper for tbb::parallel_reduce and a naive std::future analog.
file  SampleFromVoxels.h [code]
 NearestNeighborSampler, TrilinearSampler, TriquadraticSampler and TricubicSampler.
file  Stencils.h [code]